I wanted to share my life changing experience after seeing Dr. Gurumitar for acupuncture. I had been suffering with extreme symptoms of dizziness for about 3 years. After seeing my primary care physician and 2 rounds of blood tests, I continued struggling as symptoms persisted undiagnosed. Living a healthy lifestyle as a yoga instructor and artist, I tried endless possibilities to try to take care of myself. As my anxiety began to escalate, I decided to look into acupuncture to help with my ailments. I was pleased to finally have the opportunity to set an appointment with someone whom was willing to work with me and help me. After just a few appointments, and herbal supplements I began to feel much better. To my surprise after a detailed assessment, Dr. Gurumitar believed that I was suffering with migraines. I learned about triggers that may cause the migraines, and with acupuncture for sometime the dizziness began to subside. I am so grateful to Dr. Gurumitar for her kind, and gentle spirit. Most of all for helping me to better enjoy my daily life.

- Sharon C.

A year or so ago I developed stress-related hives. After doing quite a bit of internet research and realizing that no one had great responses to anything (prescription and not); and trying lots of remedies myself, I finally made an appointment with Dr. Khalsa. The following morning I woke up with no signs of ever having any problem! And have never been plagued with them again! One treatment! Subsequent visits for other symptoms have been as successful. She is quite intuitive and a true pleasure to see.

- Amanda M.

I am very happy with Dr. Gurumitar Khalsa’s treatments and results. I trust her decisions and techniques when it comes to improve my health, she is very personable and her grace and commitment to the community is beyond any ones expectations. I couldn’t recommend a better service.

- Claudia G.

I would like to express my complete satisfaction with he high quality care I received from Dr. Khalsa.  Her professionalism, compassion and educational expertise has aided me in a lifestyle change that has left me feeling spiritually, physically, and psychologically healthy.  She has been my “earth angel.”

- Mike

I injured my back at work due to sitting in an improper position for long hours at my desk. I could not walk or move without a lot of pain. I first went to see a traditional medical doctor and was diagnosed with a degenerative disc. I did not want to take pain medication so I went to see Dr Khalsa. I received significant pain relief after the first visit and I have continued to see her for my back and other health issues over the years. Her treatments have allowed me to continue working with much less pain.

- Hari S.

I love Aculight Colorpuncture.  I very much look forward to my treatments with Dr. Gurumitar Kaur Khalsa.  I appreciate her medical expertise, intuition and healing presence.  I feel my body respond to the light and the color during therapy.  It’s wonderful. I feel a great improvement in my health.  My body, mind and spirit is much more balanced.  I feel less pain and stress.  My endocrine and digestive system are functioning  much closer to optimal.  I find Aculight Colorpuncture to be a beautiful, gentle, effective way to health.

- Hari Har K.